Crowded people in Brera shopping near Urban Hive Milano
About us

Urban Hive is an urban and lifestyle brand

The name comes from a fusion: the community spirit of a “hive” and the vibrating soul of the word “lively”.

The hotel is in fact conceived as a cosy cocoon in the heart of the city, both quiet and dynamic, where everything is designed to make you stay.
A place where you can’t wait to arrive, settle and stay; that buzzes to the rhythm of its guests and offers a unique experience.

Urban Hive is the promise of a community, a safe haven that inspires unity and prosperity and where sharing is caring.

Urban Hive is the place to bee.

Dishes and glasses on a dining table at Urban Hive Milano

We believe in:

The Hotel Design Concept focuses on comfort and hospitality, creating a unique atmosphere of cosy wellbeing and pleasure in nesting.
Hive in, feel in!

Urban Hive guarantees that all decisions are taken respecting the environment.

Urban Hive is an urban hotel that aims to connect with the local community and integrate with its hosting neighbourhood. At Urban Hive, we believe in becoming locals!

We believe in:

Urban Hive is a community  made of buzzing personalities that come together, share and enjoy in a unique atmosphere. We call it «the Hives». Come as a guest, leave as a friend!

In Urban Hive, the design and the services are created to be as flexible as possible in order to adapt to the needs and expectations and offer a fully bespoke experience to each guest.

Entertainment is everywhere in Urban Hive: in the elevators, in the rooms and especially in the common spaces: the "Hivees" have fun! 

Close-up of Chives plants at Urban Hive Milano